The messages were sent by people in the UAE and across the world…

The Burj Khalifa is not only known for its dazzling displays during the Dubai Fountain’s nightly performance, but also for its messages of support to other nations and the UAE during times of celebration and distress.

The tallest building in the world lit up once again yesterday, this time with messages of love and support from people around the world as the battle against Covid-19 rages on.

Messages were displayed on the Burj Khalifa in different languages including Arabic, English and Spanish. The heartfelt messages ranged from motivational and comforting to thanking those who are keeping us safe during this difficult time.

Even personal messages and names were beamed on the facade, as well as reminders to call loved ones.

A small video put together by the team at Burj Khalifa was posted on their Instagram, showing some of the messages being displayed.


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Want your message beamed on the Burj Khalifa? It’s not too late to send them in. Head on over to the Burj Khalifa Instagram account and share your message with them.

While it may be the largest LED panel on earth, remember to make your message short and sweet by limiting your wishes to 35 characters.

If you’re lucky, your message may just be one of many that will be selected to be displayed during this time.

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