The video was accompanied by three words — “we will win”…

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai shared a video with a strong message to the people of UAE and the world yesterday, Saturday April 18.

In the fight against Covid-19, his message had only three strong words with one clear message — “We will win”.

The 71-second long video begins with showing us a crowded Zayed Sports Stadium clip filled with cheering fans supporting their football teams. This is juxtaposed with clips of an empty stadium which is eerily silent, followed by empty streets, malls and cinemas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We hear the voice of radio presenter, Kris Fade, who says that even though several tournaments, leagues and championships may be cancelled or postponed, and there are no games to be won against each other; “There’s only one team to support, one team to put our whole heart behind”.

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As the video continues, we are hit with clips of our real ‘star players’ including doctors, nurses, firefighters and the police force while the video states “we still have our star players, our MVPs, our greatest of all times and we’ll still cheer them on…”

We see clips of people cheering from balconies which cuts to people in hospital gowns while the message says, “we’ll still pray for a victory…” followed by clips of HH Sheikh Mohammed having a virtual video conference with other UAE Rulers and Diplomats as the voiceover says: “We’ll still do everything we can to show our support.”

We hear a message in Arabic which says “Don’t you worry!”

The voiceover continues to declare that “We are all in this together. When in doubt remember, the whole world is playing from one side. We’re one team. This is our home ground. This is our World Cup. And we will win!”

The video ends with the logo of the UAE Nation Brand logo with the words ‘Impossible is possible’ next to it.

Images: Stills