Those not sticking to the authorised hours of the permit risk being fined…

Abu Dhabi Police has announced new rules for those wishing to travel in the emirate during the hours of the National Disinfection Programme.

For any trips out between 10pm and 6am, residents must obtain a ‘move permit’ from Abu Dhabi Police, via the website.

Residents will have to fill out a form in advance with personal and vehicle details, as well as the date, time, destination and purpose of their intended journey.

Acceptable reasons to apply for a move permit are: supermarket, pharmacy, hospital and ‘other.’

Once applied for, you will receive an SMS notification to let you know whether your request has been approved or denied.

Those caught without a move permit, or travelling outside of the permit’s authorised hours, will face a fine.

Yesterday we reported on how police were enforcing the restrictions, by using repurposed road radars, extra patrols and smart systems.

We also clarified the rules and regulations of social distancing and what sort of activities could land you with big fines.

Abu Dhabi Police also released a comprehensive video guide on how to apply for the permits, to assist residents on completing them correctly.

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The easiest solution is of course to order groceries and medication (where possible) through the UAE’s wide assemblage of apps. Or head out during the day for those harder-to-find essentials.

But those who have to travel at night due for essential work or emergencies will now have to apply for a move permit.

If you have to travel to work during these hours, enquire through your HR department or contact Abu Dhabi Police directly via the app or on their free contact number: (800) 2626.

Images: Unsplash