XDubai Skatepark will be ramping up those adrenalin levels once again…

They are a skater park, they said see you later park, because of public gathering restrictions in relation to Covid-19.

But now Kite Beach kick-flip emporium, XDubai Skatepark is back, and to celebrate — they’ve got a special offer of Dhs399 for three months of unlimited access.

The deal also includes entrance for one spectator.

This is excellent news for skaters, BMX and scooter enthusiasts, in-line skaters and any parents of the aforementioned groups. No more 360 nose-grabs off the kitchen cabinets, the vert rail beckons.


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Single entry tickets are also available through Platinum List for AED 45 per session.

The reopening does, of course, come with strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines, in addition to the park’s ongoing safety requirements.

Entry will be limited to 100 people at a time, masks are essential and you will have your temperature checked on arrival.

Once inside the gnarly-drome, XDubai Skatepark offers a thrilling range of ramps, rails, ledges, banks, blocks and gaps, as well as the ultimate leveller — the XBowl.

All ability (and confidence) levels are welcome, including newbies to the sports.

You can even rent scooters and skateboards there (but cash is currently not being accepted anywhere in the park, so an electronic payment method is essential).

And for anybody that’s thinking of getting into skateboarding, we’ve put together a quick glossary of terms to help you at least sound like a pro.

Gnarly – Good

Sketchy – Not so good

Ollie – One of the fundamental ‘mother tricks’ upon which many more elaborate forms are based. Applying downward pressure to the rear end of the board with your back foot, whilst your leading foot allows the board’s nose to rise.

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Kickflip – A trick based on the longitudinal rotation of your board.

Grind – Using the board to sail across an edge or rail.

Drop-in – This is how you start a half-pipe or vert ramp (after nervously looking over the edge, sweating and asking yourself how you got into this mess). Moving from the flat platform at the top of the ramp, directly into a steep transition.

One final piece of advice, invest in a good pair of knee pads.

XDubai Skatepark, Kite Beach, 2nd Street, Umm Suqeim 1, Sun to Thu 3pm to 11pm, Fri and Sat 8pm to 11pm. Tel: (056) 8312349 / xdubai.com

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