A flight from London to Dubai is available if six passengers sign up…

First there was hitchhiking, then Uber Pool came along, and now FlightPooling? The term has been coined by JetClass, a private airline hoping to help people out of difficult situations after recent events.

The idea is that you put your name down to be included for your chosen location and destination, and if enough people sign up, the flight is a-go. The passengers will share the cost between them, and JetClass promises not to take any profit.

There’s a list online of the scheduled flights, where you can sign up as a ‘subscriber’ to reserve your place. An estimated seat price is given in Euros, and while they’re not exactly cheap, for some this could feel like their only option.


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A flight from London to Dubai is listed with an expected price of €5,740 to €5,940 per seat, however it will only depart if at least six people book on the same day. A chat function is included on the page to help you discuss a plan with others keen to take the flight.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll receive up to date information about travel restrictions, and how to obtain the required approvals from authorities. You’ll be informed via email if your seat is confirmed and given your flight 24-48 hours before departure.

Note that entry to the UAE is subject to the approval of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC). Any residents stuck outside the UAE need to complete a Twajudi form to apply for this approval. 

“We have heard some truly heartbreaking stories from people all over the world, desperate to get home since the COVID-19 restrictions were justifiably enforced, and determined that we have the ability to help, utilising the existing JetClass technology, infrastructure and resources” said Wagas Ali, CEO and co-founder of JetClass.

For more information, and the full flight schedule visit flightpooling.jetclass.com.

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