From Monday May 18, all parking tickets will be electronic…

The days of securing a paper ticket to your dashboard as proof of paid parking are behind us, Dubai has officially gone digital. The announcement was made back in January and steps have been taken over the past few months to make the switch.

RTA announced on Twitter today, Sunday May 17, that it has achieved this part of its plan towards a smarter system. Parking metres have been fit with smart touch-screen controls, allowing motorists to enter their registration plate number.

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The interactive screen will issue an e-ticket registered to that plate for the desired time, saving paper as well as the time and effort of going back to the vehicle.

Motorists will still be able to use coins or their Nol card to pay for the parking, but no physical ticket will be printed out. If you require a receipt you have the option to print one, but you don’t need to display it on your car dashboard.

Those who want to use mPay via text message will also be able to continue to do so. If you register your details with a specific Nol card, the smart system will remember your information for next time, so you don’t need to key it in again.

The move comes as part of RTA’s Smart City Initiative, which aims reduce Dubai’s waste paper consumption.