Drivers caught improperly disposing of masks will also receive six black points…

Abu Dhabi Police has issued a warning to those not fulfilling their duty to dispose of masks and other Personal protective equipment (PPE) in a safe and sanitary way.

Motorists caught littering masks in the emirate will be handed a Dhs1,000 fine and six black points.

We’re fully behind this enforcement. Whilst the authorities and volunteers are out there, risking their own safety for the National Disinfection Programme, this least we can do is look after our own potentially hazardous waste.

The move follows a similar announcement by Ajman Police, and although no statement regarding mask littering fines has been issued by Dubai Police yet, we hope it’s something that is being rolled-out nationwide.

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Many groups have already raised concerns over the widespread use of disposable masks.

The extra waste created has a calculable impact on the environment, as well as taking valuable supply away from those that need them most. Frontline medical workers.

The debate still rages on the efficacy of woven, reusable masks — but much of the research, carried out by the WHO and other non-profit groups, shows that they can play an important role in reducing transmission of Covid-19.

If you are looking at buying cloth masks, it’s worth noting that for them to be effective, they should have multiple layers and not lose their shape after being washed.

They must also be washed after each use.

Images: Unsplash