This is guaranteed to put a smile on the children’s faces…

‘If you go down to Dubai’s Healthy Little Secrets cafe today, you’re sure of a big surprise’. A Teddy Bear’s picnic is taking place there every day, and you can join in on the fun.

The popular DIFC health cafe has brought a number of giant teddy bears to the party, to help their customers with social distancing. We’re sure they’re set to bring a big smile to everyone, big or little.

You’ll see two huge teddy bears sat outside at tables on the welcoming outdoor area, so even if you’re just passing by, we bet you’ll find it hard not to stop. Inside, teddy bears of all sizes will be seated at tables around the room.

The idea is that, although the teddy bears are indeed to help with social distancing for customers, they’re also a comforting companion for those who are popping in to the cafe for a bite to eat or a coffee solo.

The ‘responsible bears’ are used by the owners as a ‘happier’ alternative to using signs and crosses to indicate where customers should and should not sit, due to the current social distancing rules that have been put in place across Dubai.

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Founder of the healthy cafe, Alexandra Ingrid, said, “We were trying to figure out where our tables would go, and who could sit where and we were using our daughter’s toys.”

She continued, “Then we thought, why don’t we actually just leave teddy bears so whoever is at that table is not feeling isolated or shunned or sad, and can think of the cafe as a relaxing place to get a salad or a cup of coffee?”

Unsurprisingly, the cute cafe is all about healthy, nutritious dishes, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner without feeling guilty.

Healthy Little Secrets, DIFC, Dubai, open daily 9am onwards. Tel: (04) 430 6820. @healthylittlesecrets

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