These truly are works of art…

Adjusting to the new normal but want to get some sightseeing done while keeping a safe distance from others? Round the family up, jump in the car and drive to these spots in Dubai to check out the city’s best street art.

It’s a great reason to get out of the house and explore a new environment. And you don’t even have to spend a single dirham.

Check out these five spots in Dubai that boast some amazing graffiti art. 


Karama street art

Apart from a plethora of cafes, restaurants and retail stores, the shopping complex in Karama is home to beautiful works of art that apparently sprang to life overnight back in 2016. Decorating buildings that were once drab and grey (and nearly falling apart), the 24 beautiful murals transformed the busy streets and have become a highlight of the neighbourhood.

The amazing artworks were created by a handful of Malaysian artists and you can go check them on 18B street. Sit in your car and drive through if you wish, but in order to take it all in and grab some non-blurry snaps, we recommend parking your car at either end of the street and walking it. Find works of art ranging depicting everything from pearl diving to falcons, parrots, space scenes and more.



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Thanks to a public art initiative back in 2016 calledDubai Street Museum’, Satwa’s 2nd December Street (Diyafah Street) turned into a huge open-air art gallery similar to Karama. Beautiful graffiti, stencils and more wall art dot the facades of old buildings in the busy streets of this bustling neighbourhood.

The murals depict Dubai’s heritage and there are more than 10 to find. Our favourite is perhaps this one of the Founding Father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Dubai Design District

D3 Parking Grafitti

We Breathe the Sea – Myneandyours (Photographer-Jo-Askew)

If you head to d3, not only will you find fantastic installations as you stroll around, but you’ll also spot two jaw-dropping murals by graffiti artist Myneandyours. Located in two different carparks, the murals fill each space to create uniquely immersive experiences.

An underwater experience awaits in the carpark of Building 2, with scuba divers, fishes, sharks and more. Building 6 will take you out of this world with its space theme with around 50,000 stars, planets and astronauts.

If you are heading here, you will need to park in the regular parking lot and walk to the two parking spots, while taking in the other instalments along the way. Be sure to check out the bus stop – it’s pink in colour, so you can’t miss it.

Al Serkal Avenue


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This post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Al Serkal Avenue – the home of Dubai’s cutting-edge art scene. The area hosts galleries such as Grey Noise, Ayyam, LawrieShabibi, The Third Line and Carbon 12, which is a great place to purchase work by the region’s leading street artists, but there’s also wonderful graffiti art that you can soak up for free. Head here early as there’s plenty to see and explore.



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The walls of The Walk at JBR were transformed into masterpieces back in 2016 as part of the Dubai Canvas 3D art festival. And they still look as fresh as ever. Created by talented international and national artists, the walls were painted to create cool 3D optical illusions guaranteed to make you go ‘wow’ even if you have seen them numerous times before.

If you have little ones with you, make sure you check out the rag dolls, Annie and Aisha – you can find them along the stairway leading up to the Bahar block.

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