An exciting new announcement for the future of the city…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed a teaser video which shows a brand new beach destination coming to Dubai. Called Sunset Promenade, the family friendly destination will be a series of floating islands just off Dubai’s shore.

The project is set to be one kilometre in length, with 1,410 square metres of commercial shopping outlets. You’ll find it close to Jumeirah Beach Walk, just by the Dubai Water Canal.

RTA announced the project on its Twitter page, stating that the new development will be a ‘beach destination in Dubai that will feature unique models of a group of floating islands.

Sunset Promenade’s design features include a modern space with green hills and sandy hills, as well as a private car park. A video shared on RTA’s social media pages shows a close up look of a 3D model which shows how the project will look once complete.

RTA did not share any further details about when we can expect the Sunset Promenade project to be completed, or when work will begin, however more announcements are expected to be revealed in the near future.

The news comes as the city begins to relax its rules in terms of going out, travelling overseas and welcoming back tourists. Dubai is monitoring the pandemic situation as it develops, and enforcing social distancing rules throughout the city.

Watch this space for further details…

Images: Twitter