Those getting swole goals are back on track…

Abu Dhabi Sports Council has announced a set of guidelines for reopening the capital’s sporting facilities.

The requirements for a safe return to us getting those gains include provisions for the facilities themselves, trainers and facility-users.

The inside track

There are strict rules on hygiene: masks are essential for both staff and customers; facilities must commit to continuous sterilisation of equipment; antiseptic cleanser to be placed near all devices, as well as entry and exit points of sports venues; and the use of changing rooms and showers is currently prohibited.

Temperature testing will be conducted as standard; there will also be a requirement for guests to bring their own personal hygiene kits and towels, as well as masks and gloves — use of which is mandatory.

A framework for effective social distancing has also been spelled out. Floor signage is to be displayed to keep training sessions spread out; individuals must maintain a minimum distance of two metres from other facility users at all times; group training sessions are permitted where unavoidable although capacity limited to 30 per cent.

Sporting venues must have an isolation space for quarantining individuals suspected of infection before they can be transferred to a healthcare provider.

If you’re heading to a sporting facility, you’ll also be expected to sign an approval form, agreeing to the precautionary measures.

All of these rules are in place purely for the purpose of keeping everybody safe. Our phased return to a normal life, must be accompanied by caution, common sense and safety measures.

Sporting institutions in Abu Dhabi can now apply for the permission to reopen via a form on the website.

If the world is your gym

Earlier this week, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, gave residents some other great fitness news.

Multiple sporting activities have now been given approval for return for everybody between the ages of 12 and 60.

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