Nothing says ‘Dubai’ quite like social distancing while brunching on board a yacht…

If you’d like to social distance on the high seas this weekend, then set your sights on the DXSea Circle brunch.

From mega yacht operator Dutch Oriental, and marketed by Candypants Dubai, this event sees a flotilla of luxury yachts gather off the coast for an afternoon-to-evening brunch of food and drinks – all while keeping a respectable distance from the other boats and party-goers.

There’s a range of yachts and packages available, staring at Dhs299 per person including food and drinks.

Here’s what we know…


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If you’ve ever brunched on board the Lotus mega yacht (you know, the one that’s so big everyone has to crouch down as it cruises under the bridge), then you may be wondering how such a party-hard establishment is adjusting to Covid-19 restrictions.

In order to maintain social distancing, capacity is currently capped at 40 per cent. You can book for a group of two to six people, and will be assigned an allocated space onboard. If you’re in a larger group, you’ll be split across different areas.

There’s no buffet or open bar on board. Instead, all food and drinks will be brought to your assigned area by a dedicated waiter. And we can only assume the communal teapot full of booze will be shelved for the foreseeable future.

For entertainment, expect pre-recorded music, rather than a DJ or live performances. And as per government guidelines, you’ll have to wear a face mask.

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The yachts depart at 4pm on Friday, from Pier 7 at Dubai Marina. Once the boats are safely moored offshore, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, you’ll be allowed to take a dip in the sea.


The DXSea Circle brunch on board the Lotus Mega Yacht costs Dhs299 including food and drinks. If you’d prefer a roped-off ‘VIP’ section, including bubbles, it’ll cost Dhs499, with a maximum group size of four. Unlock the next level of brunching on a boat by booking out a private jacuzzi, from Dhs699 per person.

As a sweetener, Emirates and Etihad crew get 50 per cent off, and teachers can save 20 per cent.

For the full VIP experience, charter a private yacht to join the DXSea Circle. Prices start at Dhs1,990 for four hours on a 16-metre yacht (which can host five people), up to Dhs5,990 for a 27-metre yacht, hosting 26 people. Food and drinks packages cost Dhs299 per person.

DXSea Circle Brunch, departing from Pier 7, Dubai Marina, Fri 4pm to 8pm. From Dhs299. Advance bookings essential.

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