This is a wonderful idea…

With so much already going on in the world, it can be difficult to take some time out and focus on yourself and your family. Friends would be next in line, but what about absolute strangers who need a helping hand?

Initiatives such as @YallaGive, @stopandhelp  and many more have come to the forefront due to the pandemic. Another feel-good initiative that has caught our eye comes from Dubai-based photographer Paula Hainey, who is doing her bit to help in a unique way.

We all have heard, or perhaps even know someone, who will be leaving Dubai due to the effects of the pandemic. Many of these expats have called Dubai home for years, and Paula decided she would like to see them off with good memories in tow.

Paula Hainey photography

The maternity, newborn and lifestyle photographer has eight years’ experience in the field and usually charges Dhs1,500 for her beautiful photo shoots. But, she has decided to donate her time and skills for the greater good and photograph these departing families for free.

When What’s On spoke to Paula she said, “I’ve been trying to think of what I could do to help people out, and when I heard of so many expats having to leave due to unemployment, this seemed like a really good way of helping people to make memories they can take with them.”

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When people heard of Paula’s initiative, they reached out to her and she currently has over 100 enquiries and requests.

Her busy schedule begins today on June 16, where she will be photographing four families per day, working non-stop from 6.30am to 8.30pm.

She will be working every day for three weeks straight.

Paula will also be offering a 50 per cent discount to other families who make a booking with her in the next two months as a form of Covid-19 relief.

You can see some of Paula’s lovely photographs on her Instagram @paula_hainey_photography

Images: Paula Hainey