It’s set to be a scorcher…

Now we are well and truly into the UAE summer, it’s certainly getting hot in here. It doesn’t take a genius to know that temperatures are rising, but this weekend they’re set to hit a sweat-inducing 47 degrees celsius in some parts of the UAE.

As is to be expected, much of the weather will be hot and fair most of the time, but get ready for some humidity too, as it’s expected to reach up to 75 per cent in some areas of the UAE.

Here’s what to expect for the UAE weekend weather:

On Friday, June 5, it’s expected to be fair to partly cloudy – with more clouds expected in the afternoon, so if you’re going to brave the beach, it might be better to do it earlier. It’s set to be humid over night, with light winds expected to reach up to 42km/h during the day, causing some blowing dust.

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Hot and dusty is the prediction for Saturday, June 6, with some winds reaching up to 45km/h. It’s expected to be humid overnight, with a chance of fog and mist over some coastal and internal areas. Saturday is the day that temperatures will soar to 47 degrees celsius in some areas. Phew!

It’s set to be dusty on Sunday, June 7, too. Some relief might be provided by light to moderate winds which are expected to freshen things up a bit. These winds are expected to cause blowing dust and sand, so be careful if you’re out and about. Humidity will step up overnight and the sea state might get rough.

Another dusty day is expected on Monday, June 8, with the potential for some convective clouds later on in the afternoon. Light to moderate winds may cause blowing dust and the sea is expected to be moderate to rough, so make sure you bear that in mind if you’re swimming.

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