Roxy Cinemas has launched the ultimate luxury experience…

If you’ve ever watched MTV’s Cribs you’ll probably agree that having a private cinema for you and all your friends to chill, watch movies and eat snacks is the ultimate goal. Well, thanks to Roxy Cinemas, that goal has become within reach.

Roxy Cinemas has launched a private cinema experience in its VIP screening room which can fit up to 20 people at a time. The experience offers you a private showing of your favourite film and includes a selection of movie snacks to feast on throughout.

You can choose any of Roxy’s four cinema locations: Boxpark, City Walk, The Beach or La Mer. Prices start from Dhs1,250 and you can fit up to 20 guests making the price Dhs62.50 each.

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Whether you’re planning a special celebration, organising a corporate get-together or even a private one-on-one event, having a cinema to yourself is sure to make for an impressive and memorable occasion.

Now that cinemas across the city have reopened, what better way to enjoy a movie than being surrounded by your friends with the latest blockbuster and plenty of popcorn, nachos, soft drinks and sweets?

You could even go all out and treat it like a real movie premier, complete with a black tie dress code and your own ‘paparazzi’. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the exclusive hire experience.

If you need more information or would like to make a booking, simply call (04) 590 5599 or email

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