The historic event was watched around the world…

In the wee small hours of this morning, 1.58am local time to be precise, the UAE’s Hope Probe began its seven-month journey to Mars.

The unmanned craft left the launch pad on Japan’s Tanegashima Island, in a volcanic fog of flame and smoke, and streaked directly upwards into the sky, carrying with it the dreams of a nation.


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And some of Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmarks were celebrating this huge moment in the UAE’s history, with appropriately grand enthusiasm.

Khalifa University showed its support for the mission by proudly illuminating the countdown on huge LED screens.

Other buildings in the capital lit up with inspiring messages.

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After completing its 493 million km journey to the Mars, the Hope Probe will be the first to take a complete picture of the red planet’s atmosphere.

Proving beyond any doubt that even the ‘impossible is possible’.

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