There’s potential for the nightly curfew to return…

After an already unsettling year due to COVID-19, UAE authorities have warned of a second wave, and the potential to reinstate the nightly curfew, due to a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in the UAE this past week.

The UAE has seen a big spike in Coronavirus cases over the last few days, prompting UAE officials to warn the country’s residents to stay on guard when it comes to social distancing.

According to Khaleej Times, Obaid Al Hussan Al Shamsi, director-general of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, said on Sunday in an interview on Abu Dhabi TV. “The pandemic has not ended. If UAE residents do not adhere to preventive measures, we will be on the verge of a second outbreak.”

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UAE residents have been warned to stay vigilant and follow governmental guidelines when it comes to safeguarding against Coronavirus. This includes wearing masks when not at home, avoiding social gatherings and maintaining a safe social distance from others.

UAE officials also warned that, should we see a further increase in cases in the country, the National Sterilisation Programme could be reintroduced in areas where an outbreak is evident.

Al Shamsi said that part of the reason for the spike in COVID-19 cases in the country was due to UAE residents returning from different countries across the world.

Al Shams said: “The return of residents was a major factor in the increase in Covid-19 infections in the country, and so is the complacency in adhering to precautionary measures. The increase in the number of infections was expected.”

In warning about the potential of restoring the nationwide sterilisation programme, officials said: “We do not impose measures to restrict freedoms, we impose measures to protect the community of the UAE.”

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