The bus to a brighter, safer future has arrived…

We’ve already received information on a lot of the new policies and practices for schools in the new academic year.

The below outlines rules and expectations for kids, drivers, support staff, schools and operators on getting students to their place of education safely.

All aboard

Ding ding, all aboard the safety-enhanced fun bus.

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Rules for students

All students over the age of six must wear a mask; there should be no shaking of hands; students must use designated seats (there will be some seats that cordoned off by signage to ensure social distancing); sterilising of hands before getting on and after getting off the bus; students should inform the driver of any Covid related symptoms.

Rules for bus drivers

Drivers must provide a negative Covid certificate prior to restarting and then every 14 days thereafter; wearing of face masks and gloves is mandatory at all times; drivers must ensure their passengers observe social distancing of two metres (every other seat must be vacant); conduct temp check for everyone before boarding; open windows after every trip to ensure ventilation; regular steilisation of touch-points.

Rules for schools

Schools must facilitate regular testing services for drivers and support staff; ensure sufficient buses are available and are equipped with necessary safety equipment; conduct awareness learning for students; ensure that drivers and supervisors have downloaded Alhosn App; prevent students with Covid symptoms from boarding the bus; check driver temperatures daily.

Rules for transport operators

Provide all buses with thermometers, hand sanitisers, gloves and maks; arrange awareness training for drivers; check driver and supervisor temperatures daily; installation of protective screens between drivers and students; ensure buses operate at a maximum 50 per cent capacity with appropriate signage on seats that must remain unoccupied; all doors must be operated automatically; conduct regular sterilisation of buses; and increase schedule of trips according to Ministry of Education and ADEK instructions.

Images: Unsplash