This is music to our ears…

Mic drop

As part of the wide-ranging Covid-19 prevention policies of the Abu Dhabi government, live entertainment has been restricted in the emirate since March of this year.

But as of last week, individual musicians are now able to apply for entertainment permits to perform in hotels or ‘tourism restaurants’.

This currently only applies to one man (or woman) shows. Groups, bands and events are still very much off the agenda for the moment.

The information was distributed in circular 62/2020 issued to hotels by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT) on August 30, 2020.

Mic check

Those looking to drop mics, sick beats or acoustic covers must show a recent (an exact time frame is not specified here) negative Covid test result as part of the permit application process.

Singers, strummers, saxophonists and superstar DJs are all covered under the update — as long as they are solo acts. We hate to sound like Yoko here, but if you’ve been thinking about breaking up the band, now would be an excellent time.

Especially if you’re the Harry Styles of the group.

We recently discovered that international tourists are now permitted to return to the emirate (by land, air travel into Abu Dhabi is still prohibited for those on visit visas), with a mandatory 14 day quarantine period.

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