Five to make you get down there…

Please excuse the obscure 90s pop band lyrics, we’re excited. The outside temperatures have hit that autumnal sweet spot and that means alfresco brunching is back on the table. Literally.

And there are few better spots for soaking up the sun and a splash of the high life, than at Yas Marina.

Picture the scene, you’re sitting on the dock of the marina, watching the boats roll in, and enjoying a laid-back-luxe brunch from one of the seaside-chic restaurants hemming the waterfront.

Sold? Well, there are five different flavours for that daydream, which one will you pick?


This restaurant’s fresh and breezy terrace space is the perfect spot to pull up a chair and watch the world go by at the weekend. The eatery specialises in serving the palate-Aquatica… fresh seafood, and the Friday brunch is the pearl in their collection of weekly offerings. It’s Dhs298 for the house beverages package or just Dhs199 if you’re content with soft drinks.

Yas Marina, Fri 1pm-5pm. Tel: (02) 565 0007,


If you’re in the mood for some Mediterranean flair this weekend — Diablito, marks the spot. With the kitchen perfume of Euro-cuisine and the Marina views from beneath a shaded veranda, this could be Marbs or Nice. And they have some suitably ‘nice’ and tasty, fully-flexible brunch offers, available at the weekend. Enjoy ‘Pizza, Punch and Hops’ or ‘Paella and Chill’ from Dhs175 per person.

Yas Marina, Fri – Sat pick your timing between midday and midnight. Tel: (02) 565 1175,

Mr. Miyagi’s

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb, attributed to Confucius, that goes “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. It’s not about brunch, but it also kind of is, and it’s sage advice to take into Mr Miyagi’s Wok & Roll Friday brunch. If you’ve been to a Miyagi’s brunch before you’ll know to expect a delightfully eccentric experience, some wild Asian street food flavours and epic punnery. If you haven’t been before, then you — Daniel-san, are in for a real treat.

Yas Marina, Fri 2pm to 3pm or 4pm to 7pm, or 8pm to 11pm , from Dhs249. Tel: (055) 797 0742,


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Perhaps best-known for its F1 parties, this popular little spot has sophistication sewn into its genes. And with the outdoor terrace open once more, now is the time to experience the venue in its purest, most elegant form. The modern, international brunch is pretty good value too, with packages starting at Dhs190.

Yas Marina, Fri midday to 5pm, from Dhs190. Tel: (055) 160 5636,

Zahr El Laymoun

Representing for the Middle East we have Levant big shots, Zahr El Laymoun. The restaurant offers a Friday brunch that blends traditional family-favourites, with a little contemporary Lebanese flex. There’s no room for shyness when you sit at the table of this eatery, this food is made to share and showing that you care.

Yas Marina, Fri 1pm to 6pm, from Dhs145. Tel: (02) 562 1011,

Images: Provided/What’s On archive