Sponsored column: Animals in Distress is a new What’s On column profiling the amazing animal shelters, veterinary clinics, carers and passionate team at Royal Canin UAE working together to save the lives of stray animals in the UAE. Every month, Royal Canin UAE has pledged to cover the costs of vet bills for select animals in need. These are their stories…

A painful discovery

Gabriel had a serious wound to his left foreleg and was found hiding under a car by the volunteers at Stray Dogs Centre. He was rushed to the Vet24 clinic in RAK, where he was very weak and full of ticks. Ticks typically attach to the host animal from vegetation outside. They bury their head within the skin and feed on blood from the dog. They also transmit diseases such as ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis, causing debilitating illness.

Sadly, not only did Gabriel’s routine blood work confirm anaemia, but further investigation revealed he had contracted both ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis, so an eight-week treatment plan, with appropriate antibiotics, began immediately.

Tough decisions

With his treatment underway, attention was directed to Gabriel’s leg. The trauma was so severe that the blood supply was affected. The tissue was beyond repair, and the team feared that the infection had penetrated the bone.

Amputation was the only way to stop the spread of the infection. Once he was stabilised, the decision was made to take him to surgery where he underwent a forelimb amputation. Thankfully, his surgery was a success. With the damaged tissue removed, Gabriel was more comfortable.

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The road to recovery

animals in distress gabriel

In less than a month, and with thanks to Dr Chenjarai and the hard-working staff at the hospital, Gabriel was able to go to his new foster home arranged by Stray Dogs Centre.

He is still completing his medication and continues to learn how to run and play on three legs, but he’s flourishing with all the love and attention.

His bill is being paid for in full by the team at Royal Canin UAE and he is on the road to a full recovery.

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