Great news, especially if you travel in and out of the capital a lot…

The number of Covid-19 tests being conducted in the UAE is on the rise and in order to help make things financially better for residents, there are several clinics that are now offering discount packages.

This is great news especially if you find yourself travelling between the capital the other cities in the UAE.

Earlier this month, Abu Dhabi introduced new entry rules stating that UAE citizens and residents could have to take up to three tests (depending on the number of days you are in the capital).

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The rule states that if you’re staying for less than four days, you will need one test. However, once you reach the fourth day you will be required to undergo a PCR test (the day you enter is considered as day one). Those staying for longer (including Abu Dhabi residents) will also be required to take a third and final PCR test on the eighth day.

Since this new rule has come into place, clinics around the UAE have announced bundle deals on Covid-19 PCR tests.

Currently, prices of a PCR test at government hospitals is Dhs150. When testing first opened in UAE it was Dhs370 and now with new bundle packages, you can get a PCR test done for as less as Dhs83 per nasal swab.

According to The National, the Advanced Centre for Daycare Surgery in the capital is offering one PCR test for Dh155, two for Dh185 and a package of three for Dh270.

Mahmoud Juma, Chief Executive of the centre, stated that since the package deals were announced, the number of people being tested increased. He also stated that even though prices have reduced, the quality will not be compromised.

Remember, those who fail to take the PCR test on day four and day eight are liable for fines.