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Sponsored column: Animals in Distress is a What’s On column profiling the amazing animal shelters, veterinary clinics, carers and passionate team at Royal Canin UAE, working together to save the lives of stray animals in the UAE. Every month, Royal Canin UAE has pledged to cover the costs of vet bills for select animals in need. These are their stories… 

A scary start 

This six-month-old kitten was spotted on the road by a good samaritan while she was driving in Hatta. The kind lady was able to safely collect the feline and bring her to the Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic (ABVC) in Dubai.

The incredible team headed by Dr Ellen gave the kitten emergency care. She was stable and healthy, but they suspected that this little kitty had been run over by a car, which resulted in a fracture on her left hind leg.



She was taken for an X-ray, which confirmed a femoral (thigh) fracture.

Luckily for this kitty, the damage had not disrupted the growth plates. Damage to growth plates in young kittens could result in disruption of normal development and potentially one limb growing shorter than the other.

New beginnings


The kitten needed urgent surgery to repair the fracture, which was performed by Dr Metje on October 15.

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The little tabby is now in full recovery and has a supportive dressing. Additionally, she will be restricted to a crate to avoid too much movement on the leg as it heals.

This fortunate feline will remain at ABVC until Dr Metje is happy with her progress. She will need further X-rays in the next three to four weeks to ensure the bone is mending well.

Royal Canin UAE is delighted to be able to cover all costs and even more honoured to name this domestic short hair, who was nameless until now. The Royal Canin UAE team decided on Winifred as an ode to Halloween and the film Hocus Pocus.

If you can help give adorable Winifred a home, please email or call on (04) 340 8601.

For more info on Royal Canin UAE, visit or for useful vet advice, click here.

Images: Royal Canin UAE