NCEMA announced the update in a press conference…

A conference was held by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) last night, Tuesday November 10.

NCEMA revealed that the UAE is now planning its recovery from the effects that Covid-19 has had on vital sectors.

The public was urged to continue to work with the authorities to drive down the spread of the virus, and stated that although case numbers have risen of late, the number of recoveries reflects the health sector’s ability to control the situation.

The UAE has entered the planning stage for recovery, which will focus on overcoming the damage and effects of Covid-19 across a number of sectors. These include health services, the economy, aviation, tourism and education.

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Under the hashtag #CommitToWin, NCEMA shared details on how the UAE has made progress in overcoming the pandemic. Steps such as conveying strategic messages in various languages ​​to raise awareness of all members of society, were part of the success.

NCEMA clarified that although facts and figures show that the UAE is taking sound steps to overcome the crisis, individuals cannot become lax with the preventative measures, as the success of the planning stage is down to society.

The commitee said on Twitter: “We look forward to successfully moving beyond the planning stage for recovery, which is an important step that highlights the country’s efficiency and readiness to ensure a safe, gradual return to normal life”.

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