Sponsored column: Animals in Distress is a What’s On column profiling the amazing animal shelters, veterinary clinics, carers and passionate team at Royal Canin UAE, working together to save the lives of stray animals in the UAE. Every month, Royal Canin UAE has pledged to cover the costs of vet bills for select animals in need. These are their stories… 

A heart-wrenching discovery…

In September, an injured desert pup, now named Angel, was rushed to Animal Specialist Clinic after being spotted by one of the volunteers from Stray Dog Centre in Ajman. The poor girl had a huge wound around her tummy caused by a rope tied around her. As Angel grew bigger, the rope wrapped tighter eventually causing a deep and painful laceration.

Clinical procedures

Angel royal canin UAE

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Preliminary blood tests taken at the clinic showed that Angel was in a stable condition. Her results were negative for the many infectious diseases seen in our stray dogs. But her injuries were so severe that she needed to be sedated for the team to remove the rope and clean her wounds. Next, was an X-Ray to check for any permanent damage on her hind legs as the tightening of the rope forced her to walk with an unusual gait.

Some R&R, medication and good nutrition…

Angel royal canin UAE

Angel spent two weeks in hospital and had a nutrition plan in place to support her healing. She was given pain relief and antibiotics and received tick and worm medication. Thanks to Royal Canin UAE, all of Angel’s medical costs were covered.  After a terrible ordeal, Angel has fully recovered and is now flourishing in her new foster home.

Great job to everyone involved.

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Images: Royal Canin UAE