The singer has enjoyed hits such as 2002 and FRIENDS… 

She’s enjoyed huge success with some chart-topping singles in the UK over the last few years and now British songstress Anne-Marie is back to perform in Dubai. She will take to the stage alongside electro-pop band Clean Bandit on December 18 to kick off Dubai Shopping Festival.

Anne-Marie is best known for smash-hits such as 2002, FRIENDS and The Greatest Showman’s Rewrite The Stars, which she covered with fellow British artist James Arthur. Not forgetting her number one hit Rockabye (featuring Sean Paul), with Clean Bandit.

What’s On caught up with Anne-Marie prior to her performance to see how she feels about taking to the stage once again… 

What’s On: Welcome back to Dubai. How does it feel to be back? 

Anne-Marie: To be honest it’s amazing to be back, it feels like a dream. It feels like I haven’t been out of London in so long. It’s so odd because this is like what I’m used to – traveling to different places and then it just stopped. It’s so good to be here.

WO: Will this be your first performance of the year?

A: It’s my first proper performance of the year. I did one in January before everything happened (COVID-19). It’s my proper first show, first and last (due to 2020 soon being over).

WO: How are you feeling about performing in Dubai again?

A: It feels so good. I was just saying that normally I get quite anxious and nervous about shows but because I’ve waited so long to do a live performance again, the excitement is taking over the anxiousness. It’s just pure excitement and I can’t wait.

WO: Will you be spending some extra time in the city? If so, what will you be doing? 

A: Well right now we are just on the way to go on a boat with my band and my whole crew. I’m actually trying to experience it for once, as most of the time we are just in and out so it’s nice to just have a little break too. I’ve never done a yacht day in Dubai before.

WO: Have you got any particular favourite restaurants in Dubai?

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A: No, but that’s why it’s important to me to experience it whilst I’m here.

WO: Your singing career has gone from strength to strength. Have you been working on new material?

A: Yes. Working on new material has been the only thing we could do this year really so, luckily, we’ve been able to be in the studio at home. So we have just been writing music and planning singles. I thought this year would be pretty ‘nothing’, but it’s been so brilliant for personal growth and being in the studio because normally, when I’m on tour, you hardly get to be in the studio, so it’s been nice to have that time.

WO: Would you be open to doing another song with Clean Bandit after the success of Rockabye?

A: Yeah, definitely. There’s no doubt that whenever I’ve written with someone before or had a song with before, I’ll end up in the studio with them again. So we’ve been back and forth and there will be a chance I reckon.

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