This place looks absolutely amazing…

When completed, the Zayed National Museum will stand as an architectural marvel, a fitting home for the inspiring story of our great nation and its visionary founder.

Located on Saadiyat Island, already the seat of so much cultural import, the breathtaking structure designed by Foster + Partners will include a 123 metre high tower.

The main galleries

Sheikh Zayed: Life and Times

The main gallery will be devoted to a collection of artifacts illuminating aspects of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan — the man, and his leadership journey the country’s unification, and beyond. Exhibits will include photographs, documents and items from the late ruler’s own private collection.

Falconry and Conservation Gallery

This wing (excuse the pun) will explore Sheikh Zayed’s love for the natural world, and focus on the important works of conservation carried out under his patronage.

We’ll get to see exhibits that demonstrate his passion for falconry, its importance to our national heritage and why an enduring fondness for it persists today.

Land and Water Gallery

Here we’ll discover more about Sheikh Zayed’s vision for a sustainable future. About how development must proceed in harmony with the natural world. It will feature examples of how this ethic was employed in famous construction projects of the past and why the legacy of this belief will remain at the core of the country’s future.

People and Heritage Gallery

In this gallery, we’ll be able to learn more about how human relationships, warm hospitality and living in rhythm with nature are so important to the origin story of the UAE.

History and Society Gallery

This gallery will examine fascinating architectural exhibits from the area that reach back as early as 200,000 years ago. You’ll be able to take a virtual trip from Stone Age settlements all the way up to the towering skyscraper forests of today.

Science and Learning Gallery

Learn about how Sheikh Zayed’s emphasis on the importance of education help shaped the country. You’ll also be able to find out more about the innovations and discoveries from the Arab world that were critical steps in the story of human development.

Faith and Islam Gallery

In this section, we’ll uncover the centrally-important role that faith, Islam and humanitarianism have played in the creation of the UAE we know today.

It will be home to the Sheikh Zayed Library

What better way to commemorate a man possessed of such wisdom and wide-learning than with a grand library? This particular educational attraction will offer a platform for visitors to deep-dive into historical resources. You’ll find creaking tomes, alongside cutting edge interactive media.

The Architectural design is truly exceptional

The stunning building was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Lord Norman Foster, with the Zayed National Museum’s distinctive towers deliberately reminiscent of the wingtips of a falcon.

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The structure uses natural ventilation and lighting in its five towers, alongside photovoltaic panels and heat exchange technologies, making it super energy efficient.

Surrounding the main museum building will be a lush landscaped garden where the journey of discovery continues.

When will the Zayed National Museum open?

Construction on the project began in 2o19 and the video below, shared by the Department of Culture and Tourism, shows extensive early works.

But as yet there is no firm date for the opening. So we’ll have to hold the excitement in a little longer.

Images: Foster + Partners