This landmark figure is the result of an unprecedented immunisation programme…

The UAE has now successfully administered a total of 5 million Covid-19 vaccination doses. Of course, because the vaccine is delivered in two shots, that means less than 5 million will be fully vaccinated, but regardless — it is an exceptional achievement.

Of the top five countries leading the race to full immunisation (published in the Financial Times): Israel, Gibraltar, Seychelles, UAE and American Samoa, only Israel has a comparable population size.

Back to school

It is of course welcome news with schools in Abu Dhabi returning to on-site education today across all grades, in both public and private institutions.

For those parents and guardians that prefer their kids to stay at home for valid health reasons, will be permitted to continue with remote, e-learning for the remainder of the academic year.

Not over yet

Despite these giant strides forward, it’s important that we don’t settle into complacency. Health and safety protocol must still be followed, protective masks must still be worn and hands thoroughly sanitised, as well as hygiene and social distancing measures remaining in place.

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Authorities were quick to react to a small spike in cases in the Baniyas and Al Aamerah areas of the emirate of Abu Dhabi recently. Pre-emptive testing campaigns were carried out in order to minimise impact and contain potential risk.

There’s no cause for alarm, but it’s a poignant reminder that, the fight isn’t over yet and we are responsible for collective public health.

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