Abu Dhabi is currently processing 5-10,000 imported samples per day…

Having established itself as one of the most efficient and best technically equipped provinces, across the world, for Covid-19 testing and vaccination, it makes sense that Abu Dhabi would take the leap and begin performing those functions for other countries.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi has announced the news that it’s processing between 5,000 and 10,000 international PCR samples per day, and providing results within 24 hours of them being shipped.

The current record for its turn around time, is in fact four hours, which is a monumental vindication of Abu Dhabi’s world-class network of facilities, which includes 22 laboratories.

This outsourcing is being handled by collaborative effort between Etihad Airways, Agility Abu Dhabi and Unilabs.

And when it comes to the pandemic, it’s not just the testing that Abu Dhabi is leading the international pack on. The capital-based Hope Consortium is a central player in the vaccine distribution network too.

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Blockchain technology pioneered by Maqta Gateway, a digital arm of Abu Dhabi Ports is now tracking and providing logistical support for billions of vaccine doses worldwide.

The UAE is currently third, globally in the table for per centage of people fully vaccinated, with an estimated 22 per cent of the population having received both doses of jab.

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