Perfect for a healthy lunch at home…

Fortunately, Dubai is full of healthy restaurants that you can access without getting out of your chair thanks to the city’s delivery services. So get yourself back on track with these delicious and nutritious healthy lunch options for a guilt-free meal time…


Based in: Media City
Best for: Getting breakfast delivered

Looking for a healthy breakfast? Joga should hit the spot with loads of delicious breakfast options on their menu, from granola pots to a fully loaded breakfast burrito. They also do some brilliant lunch wraps and sin-free salads.

Acai & The Tribe

Based in: JLT
Best for: Instagrammable acai bowls

Acai has become one of the hottest trends of the new health generation, with countless colourful creations filling up our Instagram feed. Acai & The Tribe (of JLT cafe Friends Avenue) have nine fruity options to pick from, along with immune boosting juices, salads and healthy breakfast options.


Based in: JLT
Best for: Tracking your macros

If you’re seriously watching your macro intake or counting your calories, Kcal is a great one to go for, as every dish is labelled with carbs, proteins, calories and macros so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The Fit Food Kitchen

Based in: JLT
Best for: Variety

They say variety is the spice of life and Fit Food Kitchen are definitely of that mind. They’ve got a vast menu for the health-conscious, from protein-filled breakfasts to super salad bowls, wraps, lean burgers, pasta and heartier mains.

Under 500

Based in: Dubai Marina
Best for: Filling dishes, under 500 calories

The clue’s in the name here really, but Under 500 mainly serve dishes with less than 500 calories. From yummy all-day breakfasts to nutrient packed super bowls, wraps, mains and vegan options, you won’t be short of choice.

Rite Bite

Based in: Dubai Marina
Best for: Counting calories

Rite Bite have loads of healthy offerings from salad bowls to sandwiches and burgers. They also have skinny delites desserts so you can indulge your sweet tooth without having to feel too guilty. We’re lusting after the chocolate cheesecake which is a calorie-light 214 cals.

Salad Station

Based in: JLT
Best for: Building your own salad bowl

The Salad Station based in JLT is your go-to for a quick, fuss-free salad order. They’ve got a few classic options for you to choose from but we always favour making our own so you can get it just how you like it.

Toss & Co.

Based in: Palm Jumeirah
Best for: Super-healthy house salads

Can’t be bothered to make up your own salad? Toss & Co. (formerly Toss’d) has you covered with ten hearty house salads so you’re sure to find something to suit. They also do some great healthy scrambled egg bowls and protein shakes if you’re looking for a protein-filled breakfast hit.


Based in: Media City
Best for: Loads of healthy options

When it comes to variety, Freshii seriously have it down with soups, wraps, breakfasts, bowls, juices, burrito’s, smoothies and salads. If you’re struggling for choice, you’ll find something here.

Projeto Acai

Based in: Dubai Marina
Best for: Their ‘toast corner’

As the name suggests, this place is very much into their zesty acai bowls and picture-perfect health jars. We like their ‘toast-corner’ with loads of different topped toast options like feta walnut avocado (Dhs49) or peanut butter banana (Dhs34).

BLOOM Vegan Kitchen

Based in: Emirates Hills, Golden Mile
Best for:
Plant-based power

If you’re vegan or are just looking for a plant-based meal, Bloom Vegan Kitchen have you covered with a range of colourful salads, pad thai, soups, tacos, vegan burgers and curries.

The Good Bowl

Based in: JBR, Barsha, Tecom, JLT
Best for:
Nutrient-packed bowls

The Good Bowl sticks to what its name suggests, with a range of healthy and nutritious bowls, loaded with veggies and proteins, surrounding a pot of dressing in the middle. They also do some power-juices too.

BR8 Kitchen

Based in: JLT
Best for: Guilt-free (ish) desserts

As well as their goodness bowls and healthy salads, BR8 Kitchen do some guilt-free (ish) desserts like their KiK Bites, in a choice of matcha, double chocolate, dark chocolate and BR8 balls.

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Based in: JLT
Best for: Nutrient-packed bowls

If you’re looking for all the goodness to nourish your body, you’ll find it at Bowlful. From avocado and eggs on toast to nutrient-packed warm bowls, salads or guilt-free desserts, there’s plenty to suit your every craving.

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