The Crown Prince shared videos of the pups on his Instagram stories…

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, affectionately known as Fazza shared the new of some new family members on his Instagram page yesterday, February 6.

In a series of videos posted to his Instagram Stories, Fazza shared clips of five gorgeous young dogs happily playing and cuddling up together. One of them in particular caught the Prince’s eye, thanks to his sweet, calm nature.

“Someone is a bit shy… hey, why are you so shy?” Faz asked him. The Crown Prince attempts to get his attention by calling the pup Mr Brown and Brownie, but after no response he says, “What should we name you?”

Meanwhile some of the other dogs are craving Sheikh Hamdan’s attention, offering plenty of love in return. It’s not yet clear how long Sheikh Hamdan has had the dogs, which look young but are not newborn puppies.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the Sheikh welcome a new dog into the family. In 2019, he took to Instagram to introduce his new puppy called Tiny.


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The not so ‘Tiny’ dog was in the arms of a boy named Mohammed, fondly known as Maj. He is the son of the Sheikh Hamdan’s long-time friend Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi and a quick look on his Instagram account shows the two friends share one common interest – their love for animals.

Sheikh Hamdan’s love for animals is certainly no secret. Whether its spending time in the desert with Arabian oryx, gazelles or falcons, or down at the stables, much of his spare time is spent with the cute creatures.

Images: @Faz3