Getting kids excited about the environment is an essential part of our shared future…

Yas Mall’s massive edutainment complex, Kidzania has just had a sustainability upgrade, with the addition of a new mini Environment Agency — Abu Dhabi (EAD) attraction.

Inside, kids are invited to take on the roles of volunteer and environmental ambassador, learning about the region’s ecology through a series of fun, interactive sessions.

If you’ve not been to Kidzania before, it’s essentially a theme park for careers. And we mean that in the most positive, complimentary way.

Kids wander through the streets of a toy-town, with the opportunity to try their hand at role-playing a series of simulated job experiences.

There’s a replica hospital, radio station, fire service, acting academy and more.

Green fingers

At the new EAD centre, budding eco-warriors will be shown maps of Abu Dhabi, displaying the emirate’s rich diversity of native species.

Kids will then collaborate on coming up with a campaign and slogan, to help raise awareness around issues such as conservation and pollution. Unlike mummy and daddy’s meetings (which probably could have just been emails), these group sessions will feature fun props such as solar panels, LED lighting, wind turbines, and model electric vehicles.

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but maybe take some notes on the abive if you’ve just sent out a group Zoom invite.

The fun-sized ambassadors and volunteers must pitch the fruits of their teamwork to other groups of children, and ask them to join in a pledge to protect the environment.

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Speaking avout the new venture Khansa Al Blouki, Director, Environmental Outreach at EAD said: “We are always on the lookout for innovative and creative ways to educate children about the environment, and this partnership with Kidzania is exactly what we aspire to do.”

“If they can take small but useful steps, such as reducing the use of plastic, turning the water faucet off while brushing their teeth, switching off the lights when leaving a room, it will highlight to them how much these activities matter and contribute towards saving the planet.”

Always learning

It’s not just environmentalism that’s being taught here, as with many of the other ‘jobs’ — the activities the kids take part in, hone many other important developmental skills.

Your little ones will likely learn a lot about leadership, social interactions, problem-solving, negotiation and what it feels like to put an absolute shift in.

Kidzania can be found in Yas Mall, 1pm to 8pm, ticket prices for kids start from Dhs149, adults from Dhs69, other packages are available. Tel: (054) 998 6897,

Images: Provided