Montauk Boutique Cafe & Restaurant is bringing big Long Island vibes to Abu Dhabi…

Montauk Boutique Cafe & Restaurant is a self-described ‘Hamptons-inspired’ experience, one we’ve been patiently waiting for since early February.

It’s located in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi and is a concept developed by Emirati owner and founder Chef Mariam Almansoori, which aims to provide the capital’s cafe connoisseurs with a new place to choose their favourite brews in uncontrived, understated, Long Island luxury.

The menu will launch some exciting new dining options onto Abu Dhabi’s thriving cafe scene, and as a tribe that pays particular attention to quality breakfasts, we’re thrilled to learn that the kitchen team at Montauk (pronounced ‘mon-tok’) are all about that first meal of the day.

Three’s company

Montauk is spread over three levels, with a living room style dining area on the ground floor, a bakery and terrace on the first floor and a soundtrack of coffee-table jazz to supplement your sips throughout.

The attempt to recreate one of New York’s most exclusive coastal bolt-holes has resulted in a handsome collection of sophisticated design features. Think wood panelling, pale linen upholstery, striped sofas, cobalt and white ceramic tiled floors, handpicked artwork and personalised illustrations.

It feels like a very deliberate homage to ‘the home’.

Encyclopedia Gastronomica

Chef Mariam’s carefully curated menu collection sounds equally Insta-worthy as well. Freshly prepared artisanal salads include spiced fig and goat’s cheese; watermelon and feta; and burrata with citrus.

The starter line up features spicy grilled garlic prawns; and double stuffed baked sweet potato with beef bacon & broccoli, drizzled with truffle cheese sauce.

For mains, there’s the signature grilled Canadian lobster with roasted nori butter; spiced lamb chops with pomegranate and Greek yoghurt; salmon with mango and corn salsa; and creamy truffle rigatoni.

But as we mentioned previously, it’s breakfast where this charming venue is really issuing a challenge to its gastro-caff neighbours.

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Items include avocado, beetroot and cheese toasties; Turkish eggs with herb labneh; scrambled egg shakshuka; custard-soaked French toast; homemade granola with honey & berries; and cream cheese sesame bagels.

A strong emphasis has been placed on creating wholesome and nutritious fare, with minimal sugar content, alongside a healthy range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Talking about the new project, chef-owner Mariam said: “Our home-to-table cooking will warm the hearts of diners, and I feel incredibly proud to be bringing a touch of local culture to the outlet and my personal Emirati heritage. To future guests of Montauk, we look forward to welcoming you. Our home is your home.”

Montauk Boutique Café & Restaurant, Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Al Bateen, daily 8am to 11pm. Tel: (02) 546 6255, @montaukabudhabi

Images: Provided