This figure comes from a survey carried out by MOCD…

The headlines from a recent government media briefing show that although the world is not out of the pandemic’s shadow yet, the UAE remains in a strong position, thanks to the strict, effective, dynamic and rapidly rolled out health policies of the country’s authorities.

And it’s a fact that is clearly being recognised by its residents.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) shared some figures from a survey carried out by the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) on the subject of  Covid-19. Specifically, the perception of how the UAE has been handling its role in protecting the public from the global health crisis.

Safety in numbers

98 per cent of respondents agree that the government’s handling of the pandemic: “contributed to the spread of reassurance and a sense of safety in the community.

96 per cent said “the UAE was exceptional in handling challenges arising from the crisis” (relating to commercial support).

97 per cent reported that the measures taken by the UAE “positively contributed to enhancing family cohesion”.

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98 per cent replied that the UAE’s procedures for remote working and supporting the community resulted in an increased general happiness.

Current vaccination and case statistics

A major part of the nation’s strategy, particularly in 2021, has been securing vaccinations and distributing them amongst the population.

Last week the UAE even started manufacture of the Sinopharm formula, under the branding ‘Hayat-Vax’.

The UAE is also still very close to the top of the table when it comes to immunising the population (fourth in terms of doses administered per capita).

A total of 8,578,979 vaccine doses have been administered, which works out to a total rate of 86.74 doses per 100 people.

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