So you’ve had your second dose of the vaccine, what next..?

Time has proven that being flexible in the face of the ever-evolving challenges of the pandemic, is the best strategy. But with periodical updates to policy, the search for the most up-to-date, accurate information around Covid-19 rules and requirements, can be confusing.

One question, which is frequently discussed in the What’s On comment sections, is — ‘what happens after I’ve had both doses of the vaccine?’ ‘Do I get any special privileges?’ And ‘what are the steps involved in getting the exemption status in the AL HOSN app?’

Find the answer to those questions, and others such as ‘Do I still need a negative PCR test result to get into Abu Dhabi if I’ve been vaccinated?’ and ‘do I need a PCR test every seven days to keep my exemption status?’, below.

Pro hack: You need to have the AL HOSN app for any of the below to work, so if you don’t have it. Download it and register now. Apple / Google Play.

What do I do after having had both doses of the vaccine..?

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Back in January of this year we reported on updates to the special benefits and entitlements of those that had been fully vaccinated.

Demonstrated by a little ‘Gold Star’ or letter ‘E’ — which appears within ALHOSN app. This status gives the user special privileges when it comes to movement (for example into Abu Dhabi via road) or attending certain events.

The Gold Star will appear in the apps of those that have completed participation (both doses, and follow up tests) in the phase III Sinopharm or Sputnik trials.

An ‘E’ will appear in the apps of those that have received both doses of an approved vaccine.

There are also extra benefits for those travelling into Abu Dhabi after international travel. A full breakdown of the policy differences for vaccinated and unvaccinated Abu Dhabi travellers can be found in our guide on the subject.

Important: Both of the special statuses (the ‘Star’ and ‘E’) will only appear 28 days after the final dose, with a negative result from a PCR test (taken after the 28th day).

I’ve had my two doses but I see no Stars or Es

As mentioned above. Your special status will only appear, 28 days after the final vaccine dose, and then only after a further negative PCR test result.

The status will remain live for a period of seven days only.

Unless a further negative PCR test result is received and then registered by the ALHOSN app — the status will expire after that period of seven days.

To regain it, you’ll need to take a PCR test (at any time) and receive a negative result.

This status is only valid for seven days after each test.

It’s important to clarify, you don’t need to take a PCR test every seven days if you do not need to keep the status live. For example, if you’re not required to maintain the status by your employer, and you don’t have to frequently travel in and out of Abu Dhabi, there would be very little reason to keep your ‘Star’ or ‘E’ status continuously live.

Just take a test in advance of the time you need your exemptions, and following a negative result — the status will reappear, once again, valid for seven days.

Do I still need a negative PCR test result to get into Abu Dhabi if I’ve been vaccinated?

As you’re almost certainly aware, there’s currently a requirement for those wishing to enter Abu Dhabi to show a negative PCR result. Are those who have been vaccinated, exempt?

Yes, if you have the exemption (Star and E) designations live in your ALHOSN app (this will obviously mean though, that you will have received a negative PCR test result with seven days).

Just show their status on the ALHOSN app at the border checkpoint. That obviously provides you with seven days worth of cover, for not having to show a negative PCR test. The seven days can of course then be reset by a further negative PCR test.

No test results are required for exiting Abu Dhabi.

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