This is not a drill, Colin the Caterpillar has already landed…

The main shopping section of everyone’s favourite bougie British boutique, Marks and Spencer (M&S) had already reopened at Yas Mall, towards the end of April. But it’s been missing certain popular elements.

Both the Cafe and massively expanded food hall are having their final coat of gastro-gloss applied, and their completion is imminent.

We’ve spoken to the team on the ground at Marks and Spencer, and they have confirmed that the Cafe will be opening at some point between Friday, June 4th and Sunday the 6th.

A small selection of food hall items are currently available to purchase at the Yas Mall store, including that iconic insect-inspired cake, Colin the Catepillar.

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You can pick one up for Dhs80, and there are currently no laws to prevent you from eating the entire thing in your parked car before driving home. None.

If you literally can’t wait for another week, and who can blame you, thanks to streaming sites and instant delivery services — we’re living in a post-patience world, there are other M&S food halls already open elsewhere in Abu Dhabi.

And when this, the only M&S cafe in Abu Dhabi, reopens – we’re likely to see the return of Brit favourites such as fish and chips, signature jacket potatoes, elite-level sandwiches and the prawn makhani curry.

Marks and Spencer is on the Ground Floor of Yas Mall, Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Tel: (02) 56 50 012, @marksandspencerme

Images: What’s On Archive