The official announcement was done by the NCEMA…

On April 22 the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced that all flights coming from the Republic of India will be suspended for ten days starting April 24, 2021.

The decision was to be reviewed after 10 days. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in India, the NCEMA and Civil Aviation announced an extension on the suspension of entry of inbound travellers from India on all national and foreign carriers.  The decision was made on May 4. 

The announcement stated that there was a ‘Suspension of entry for travellers from India on all flights on national and foreign carriers, as well as for transit passengers coming from India.’

It added that travellers coming to UAE from other countries will have to have a stay of no less than 14 days to be allowed entry.

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The announcement added that transit flights bound for India will be allowed to travel through UAE and cargo flights will continue to operate between the UAE and India.

The NCEMA said exempted travellers include UAE citizens, those on diplomatic missions, official delegations, golden residence holders and those travelling on business planes. According to the post, these exemptions will be subjected to precautionary measures including a negative PCR test result (within 48 hours of travel) administered by an accredited laboratory with a QR code.

A PCR test will be conducted at the airport upon arrival with the addition of a 10-day quarantine period. Two more tests will be conducted on the fourth and eighth day.

The authority called on all travellers affected by the decision to follow up and communicate with the airlines to amend and re-schedule their flights.

The suspension is due to the huge rise in Covid-19 cases in India. The UAE stands in solidarity with India and Emirates News Agency (WAM) has stated that much-needed oxygen tanks and concentrators are already on their way to the Indian mainland.

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