Abu Dhabi has made a series of annoucements just before Eid…

Abu Dhabi Media Office has just annouced that Abu Dhabi has approved new entry requirements for Abu Dhabi starting from Monday July 19 – the first day of the Eid Al Adha public holidays.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee stated that the new measures were part of the city’s ‘proactive efforts to prevent Covid-19 variants and to ensure continuous testing.’

As of Monday July 19 under the new entry rule, entry to the emirates will be allowed within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR test result and within 24 hours of receiving a negative DPI result.

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Those entering via a PCR test must retake a PCR test on day four of entry for those staying four days of more. An additional PCR test must be taken on day eight for those staying eight days or more.

The Media office stated that ‘Those entering via DPI must take a PCR test on day three of entry for those staying 48 hours or more, and take an additional PCR test on day seven for those staying seven days or more.’

It added that, ‘a DPI test cannot be used to enter Abu Dhabi consecutive times.’

The press release ended stating that the procedures applies to all vaccinated and non-vaccinated citizens and residents.

Those failing to take the required tests are liable for fines.

The decision came soon after the emergency committee announced capacity updates for the capital and the National Sterilisation Program  which will begin on July 19, 2021.