How old do you have to be? How much does it cost? How safe is it? How good is it?

What’s On TikTok followers from across the region have asked hundreds of questions about Deep Dive Dubai, the new record-breaking attraction that’s opened in Nad Al Sheba. We’re reading as many as we can and answering some of the most popular questions here…

How deep is Deep Dive Dubai?

It’s officially 60.02-metres-deep, which has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the World’s deepest swimming pool for diving. That’s the equivalent of 11 giraffes.

I’m quite scared to do it. Is Deep Dive Dubai safe?

Ask any of the professional staff on site and they’ll tell you that safety is at the core of everything they do. The facility is covered by 56 in-water cameras monitoring the safety of all participants. Divers are also accompanied by highly trained guides. There are lifeguards and rescue divers on guard at all times, while all the equipment is maintained according to strict industry standards.

What’s it really like?

It’s amazing! There’s a whole sunken city to explore with graffitied alleyways, an apartment, library, board games, and arcade zone and even a fancy car all available for aquatic perusal. Here’s a look at what happened when we gave it a go. (Sadly, Will Smith had been and gone).

@whatsondubaiHere’s what’s inside the deepest pool on earth… ##deepdivedubai ##dubaitiktok ##foryoupage ##scubadiving ##thingstodoindubai ##whatsondubai♬ Deep – Official Sound Studio

Do I need to know how to swim to visit Deep Dive Dubai?

You can do a try ‘Discover’ scuba dive or freedive even if you are not a strong swimmer, or you can snorkel around the pool. A real scuba dive requires an entry level scuba certification (PADI Open Water diver or equivalent).

How old do you need to be?

Your first experience with freediving and scuba diving can begin at 10 years, and there’s no maximum age limit, either. A doctor’s approval is needed for those with any medical problems or age-related issues.

Will I go down to 60-metres on my first dive?

Not unless you can display proof of training from a recognised agency showing specific qualifications. To be honest, a lot of the fun stuff happens in shallower waters. There’s loads of fun things to see and do, even just a few metres below the surface so you won’t be missing out.

Is there any marine life in Deep Dive Dubai?

Nope, Deep Dive Dubai is not an aquarium. There are loads of objects, props and exciting environments to explore, but no sharks or other animals.

Do I need to have all my own gear?

All you need to bring is a swimsuit and flip flops. Admission fees include a full set of equipment so there is no need to bring any dive gear at all. The swanky dressing rooms are fully stocked with towels and toiletries.

Can you fly the day after scuba diving in Deep Dive Dubai?

You shouldn’t, no. After any dive it is recommended to wait 18-24 hours before ascending higher than 300metres-high. In fact, visiting the Burj Khalifa after a dive in Deep Dive Dubai is not recommended either. Take our advice and do it the other way round if you want.

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How much is it, and how long is the experience?

Admission fees start at Dhs800. Expect approximately two hours total for the ‘Discover’ experience. This includes getting your gear and briefings. It varies from diver to diver, but you can expect to be underwater for around 30 to 40 minutes.

Can I sign up for diving courses at Deep Dive Dubai?

Oh yes! Deep Dive Dubai offers almost the entire selection of courses from PADI and GUE  (Global Underwater Explorers).

How do I book?

Visit and choose your dive options: Discover (for those who’ve never dived before); Dive (for PADI certified up to Technical divers), or Develop (for those looking to get certified, or develop their skills and gain new certifications). Bookings are currently invite-only but will open to the public at the end of July, 2021.

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Images: Jade Wills Photography