Your questions answered regarding the EDE scanners in Abu Dhabi

The EDE scanners are an Abu Dhabi innovation…

EDE scanners are futuristic facial analysis tech that was rolled out at land and air entry points in the capital, on Yas Island, some residential areas, in Abu Dhabi malls and beyond.

Abu Dhabi Media Office shared some details last week as to how they work, however, people still had questions that prompted the media office to share a video answering the most common ones.

The answers are provided by Executive Director Research and Innovation Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Dr Asma Al Mannaei.

Q: Is it scanning temperature or it is scanning something else? 

A: The concept behind the system is innovative as it measures the electromagnetic waves related to the Covid-19 RNA molecule. (Read more below)

Q: Will it affect our privacy?

A: No, it doesn’t save any kind of information from the scanning process. We want to make sure the system is effective.

Q: How accurate is it compared to PCR and will it replace PCR tests?

A: This new technology is an additional test and isn’t an alternative to the current PCR test. It is being used to help us return to normal life.

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So, how do the EDE Scanners work?

According to Abu Dhabi Media Office, the EDE scanner device has an effective radius of five metres.

When someone moves within range, the equipment uses a machine-learning algorithm to measure anomalies in electromagnetic waves given off. If the scanners detect electromagnetic wave distortions known to be caused by the Covid-19 RNA molecules, it means that there is a strong likelihood that the subject is infected with the Covid-19 virus. The results are virtually instantaneous.

If positive, the individual will be directed to take a PCR test within 24 hours.

The EDE scanners were conceived, designed and created right here in the UAE by EDE Research Institute Abu Dhabi under the International Holding Company (IHC). The scanners have been reported to be up to 93.5 per cent effective in identifying people infected with Covid-19.

Image: Getty Images (used for illustrative purposes)