We wouldn’t mind seeing this in the cinema…

Hollywood stars Zac Efron and Jessica Alba have been teasing fans with snippets of a trip to Dubai on their social media recently. And now, we can reveal exactly what they were here to work on.

Both actors shared an action-packed movie trailer on their Instagram pages last night, which left many people in the comments confused. Is there a new movie headed our way? Or has Visit Dubai level-upped its tourism campaigns?

It appears to be the latter, as eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed, the video credits show sneaky replacements which give the game away.

Instead of naming a big production house, the text reads ‘panoramic views from Burj Khalifa’, instead of a award-winning director’s name it says ‘memorable dinners at Pierchic’ and where a producer would normally be, we can see ‘featuring The Museum of the Future‘.

Take a look at the action-packed clip for yourself…


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With a fully-fledged storyline, intense soundtrack and comedic script, fans could be forgiven that the ‘movie’ will be heading to cinemas soon.

The video starts at Sal beach club in Burj Al Arab, where we meet our protagonist couple. Things seem to be in a rocky patch as the pair move to lunch in PierChic and Zac’s character says ‘I don’t want to fight with you’. A roaring motorcycle then pulls into the middle of the restaurant and Jessica’s character swiftly jumps into fighting action.

Throughout the fast-paced trailer we see many of Dubai’s most notable landmarks, from Burj Khalifa, to Dubai Creek, Museum of the Future and people riding quad bikes through the desert. The pair even pack on parachutes and hurl themselves from the helipad of Burj Al Arab.

Both stars shared the video to their Instagram pages with an elusive caption about the other always getting them in or out of trouble. Zac Efron’s post has received 3.7 million views so far, while Jessica Alba’s has racked up half a million.

The end of the clip links to DubaiPresents.com where a movie poster reveals that the real details of the campaign are ‘coming soon’.

Image: Visit Dubai