We love to see an A-lister promoting this brilliant city…

The world is opening up again, and Dubai Tourism is wasting no time in showing off the beauty of this city, with a few famous faces in some seriously cool videos. Following the release of an action-packed Hollywood-style movie trailer featuring Zac Efron and Jessica Alba in August, they’re at it again with a brand new clip, as part of the global campaign, Dubai Presents.

The A-listers star in a new video, released on September 8, 2021. In the video, Zac Efron, a suited-and-booted future version of himself goes back in time to talk to his original self. The ‘future Zac’ says: “I was sent here from the future. A bunch of lights, time machine, shoooop”.


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Watch: Zac Efron and Jessica Alba star in movie trailer-style campaign for Visit Dubai

The first part of the video was shot around the pool at luxe Dubai hotel, Jumeirah Al Qasr. Later, we see Jessica Alba strolling through the main lobby at the Burj Al Arab (distinguishable by the grand gold pillars), to a ‘woah’ from ‘present Zac’, who is advised by ‘future Zac’ that he’s ‘not ready’, before the former takes a tumble with giant shopping bags in hand.

The Zac’s are also seen driving a speedy desert buggy over the sand dunes (an activity which is hugely popular amongst tourists and Dubai residents alike), before doing an iconic skydive over the world-famous Palm Jumeirah island, with Zac exclaiming “this is so cool”.

Zac Efron and Jessica Alba aren’t the only A-listers to star in a Dubai Tourism video recently. ‘Thor’ legend and Hollywood heart throb Chris Hemsworth starred in Emirates’ new Expo 2020 campaign. Conceptualised and filmed pre-Covid in time for the original opening date of Expo 2020 Dubai, the video encapsulates the upcoming magic of the huge event, from shows and performances to the incredible pavilions and buildings onsite.

We can’t wait to see what happens next…

Images: Dubai Tourism