Gourmet burgers from one of Dubai’s most popular chefs…

Chef Izu has summited a few culinary mountains in his time, running highly regarded restaurants serving fine French cuisine; modern Greek dishes; crafty baked creations; and he’s now part of the team behind a revolutionary form of cloud-style kitchen delivery platform.

It was perhaps only ever a matter of time then, that this arch innovator turned his sights to that king of sandwiches, the burger.

Izu Burger entered the super-competitive bun show that is Dubai’s burger scene, with the promise of deluxe gastro-patties packed with deliciously extra fillings.

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Some of the brand’s most popular creations, including the signature wagyu milk baguette; wagyu potato bun burger; loaded fries; and the recently launched chicken karaage potato bun burger, which comes sauced up with truffle honey, fontina cheese and a generous dollop of ‘Young & Punchy’ tartare sauce — have now made their way to Abu Dhabi, and are available on demand across the capital, via Deliveroo.

Burgers that pack a punch

Coinciding with the launch, Izu Burger will be running a pop-up as part of the Showdown Week of celebrations for the upcoming UFC 267 being held at Etihad Arena on Yas Island. You’ll be able to get hold of a special limited edition UFC Big Box, offering a heavyweight clash of flavours to enjoy Octagon-side between 6pm and 10pm on Thursday October 28, Friday October 29 and Saturday October 30, 2021.

Offering blow-by-blow piece of pundirty on the collaboration the, as always on-topic, Chef Izu Ani said: “I believe a lot of the skills found in a good fighter are reflected in the heat of the kitchen. In both arenas, we must take our time to prepare thoroughly, we must build our strength through the continuous practice of repetitive tasks.”

“Our technique is our most vital attribute, it is that which gives us our own signature. Our dedication and commitment to skill and precision is what makes us who we are, both in the ring and in the restaurant.”

Think of it as a ‘Bite Club’ to pair with the ‘Fight Club’, and if you’re at the fight, it makes sense to bite.

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