UAE winter is here…

That blissfully cooler weather of UAE winter is finally here, meaning we no longer walk smack bang into a solid wall of heat when we walk outside. Whilst the weather is still set to be balmy for those living in internal and coastal areas of the UAE, temperatures are set to hit a low of just 12°C in some areas.

This low temperature is expected in mountainous areas of the UAE, whilst the highest temperature is expected to be around 25°C.

For the rest of us though, here’s what you can expect from the weather this week… 

On Friday, November 12, it’s expected to be fair to partly cloudy with light to moderate southeasterly winds. There’s a chance of fog or mist formation over some coastal and internal areas on Saturday, November 13, with light to moderate Northeasterly to Northwesterly winds, with speed 10 – 20 reaching 30 km/hr.

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Some humidity is expected in the morning on Sunday, November 14, potentially with some fog or mist formation over some coastal and internal areas. Winds are expected to reach up to 35 km/hr. The same is expected again on Monday, November 15.

Over coastal and island areas, the maximum temperature is expected to be between 27°C and 31°C, and the minimum is predicted to be between 24°C to 20°C. In internal areas, the maximum temperature will be around 29°C to 32°C, and the minimum is expected to be between 23°C and 17°C.

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