This is pure IG feed candy…

Come with us, on the bus, to a world of pure imagination, what you’ll see, will be free and beyond expectations. Yes indeed, World of Illusions at Nation Towers Mall is a Wonka-esque collection of mind-melting 3D optical illusions, mirror rooms and light exhibits, and it’s completely free to visit.

This pop-up bazaar of the bizarre is now open and will be welcoming shoppers to its weird and wonderful ways until January 31.

Illusions of grandeur

The Insta-friendly ‘Mirror Room’ is peppered with nebulous clusters of LED lights in varying sizes and tone, creating a sort of interstellar ‘amongst the stars’ experience.

There are Illusion Photo Opportunities too — interactive exhibits that, when caught through a camera, have been designed to astound and confuddle. You can for example become a disembodied head on a plate, or a jaunty marionette puppet controlled by a sinister giant hand.

There’s a video booth, projecting animated kaleidoscopic backgrounds, to help you capture some truly extra-level selfies.

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You’ll find huge 3D artwork of snakes and dragons, and interactive animal fun that’s just perfect for the littles ones.

It’s not the first time Nation Towers Mall has opened its doors to the fantastical, having recently staged exhibits curated under the titles ‘The Museum of Natural Mystery’ and ‘The Time Machine.’

You can wander into World of Illusions for free between 8am and 10pm daily until Monday, January 31, 2022.

Nation Towers Mall, Abu Dhabi, daily 8am to 10pm until Jan 31, free. Tel: (02) 333 8288,

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