Up to 20 per cent off fares as low Dhs39…

For those of you with a healthy appetite for wanderlust, you’ve likely already eyed up the Eid vacation for an opportunity to drop your next pin in the map. The problem is, with holidays representing peak travel times — prices are normally at a premium. So when an already ‘low-cost’ airline announces a sale, it’s at least worth a look right?

Cheap flights from Abu Dhabi

Even outside of sales, Wizz Air has a bit of a reputation for quoting outlandish, what seem like ‘too-good-to-be-true’ prices. Dhs39 for a flight between Abu Dhabi and Muscat, for example, is likely more than your receipt for a taxi to the airport. Maybe, you think to yourself, it’s a typo, some error with the decimal point, maybe the price is supposed to be in dollars or gold coins or Bitcoin. But nope, we have fact-checked these fares multiple times in the past, and we’ve pretty much always been able to find them, if you’re open to a bit of date flexibility.

Setting sale

Doubling down on their commitment to price audacity, Wizz Air have launched a 20 per cent off sale which started on April 18, and ends today Tuesday April 19. The discounts of this last minute Eid holiday sale are valid on flights between now and the end of August.

Chasing sunsets

The Wizz Air network departing from Abu Dhabi Internation Aiport now sits at more than 30 destinations across Europe, The Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Last minute Eid holidays

Experience (now even) low(er) fares to awesome world cities such as Alexandria (Egypt); Almaty (Kazakhstan); Athens (Greece); Baku (Azerbaijan); Belgrade (Serbia); Kutaisi (Georgia); Kyiv (Ukraine); Manama (Bahrain); Mattala (Sri Lanka); Moscow (Russia); Muscat (Oman); Odesa (Ukraine); Sarajevo (Bosnia); Sohag (Egypt); Tel-Aviv (Israel); Tirana (Albania); and Yerevan (Armenia).

You can book flights via the app or on wizzair.com.

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Have a safe flight

The airline has one of the youngest fleets in the air, with four state-of-the-art Airbus A321neo planes, offering low fuel burns, low emissions and a low noise.

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