It’s the summer of Supermoons…

Keep your eyes on the skies tonight on Wednesday July 13 2022, as come nightfall the biggest and brightest Supermoon of the year will be visible in the UAE.

This supermoon is nicknamed the Super Buck Moon, and is it the third supermoon of 2022. The previous supermoon, the Strawberry Supermoon took place last month on June 14 and the first supermoon was visible on May 16. We will have just one more supermoon this year in August.

But, what is a Super Moon? 

A supermoon is a full moon or new moon that nearly coincides with perigee – the term is used to describe the point at which the moon’s orbit gets the closest to earth. It results in a larger than usual size of the lunar disk.

How much larger can it get? The moon can appear to be around 7 per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter than a standard full moon.

How to see the biggest supermoon of the year in UAE?

Well, the obvious answer would be to look up to the sky in the evening tonight but, if you want to see the supermoon in all its glory, you can join the Dubai Astronomy Group at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center at Mushrif Park.

The astronomy group are hosting an event from 6pm to 8pm where you will learn about the supermoon phenomenon and have all those burning questions answered by the professionals.

This will follow a naked-eye observation and a telescope observation.

Tickets to the event will cost you Dhs50 for children under the age of 13 and Dhs70 for adults. You will need to shell out an additional Dhs10 per car to enter Mushrif Park or pay Dhs3 per person using your Nol card. You can still RSVP for the event here.

Dubai Astronomy Group usually live-streams the event on YouTube, so be sure to check the channel out if you can’t attend the event or see the moon from home.

If you do spot it here in UAE, tag us using #whatsondubai as we will feature the best photos on our weekly photo roundup. 

Images: Getty Images