Tourists can now register with their passport prior to arrival…

The Alhosn app that provides the gateway for accessing almost all public places in Abu Dhabi has just been given a new update that will make it significantly easier to use for tourists hoping to visit the emirate.

The new feature will allow tourists to download the app and register in advance, using their passport number instead of having to wait for their UID number issued as part of their visa (as was the case prior to this latest change).

What is the Alhosn Green Pass?

The Alhosn Green Pass is essentially a traffic light app, showing your current Covid-19 test and vaccination status, and like the wearing of face masks, it’s pretty much essential for travel into public places within Abu Dhabi.

It’s free and available from AppleGoogle PlaySamsung Store and AppGallery. The app has many functions but its main ones are storing your vaccination data (residents vaccinated in the UAE should have their information loaded automatically, tourists vaccinated overseas should follow the guide below for how to upload their certificates into the system), and showing any recent PCR tests linked to your account.

Colour coding

Once updated, the main profile of your app will show a QR code and a status with one of three colours: Green, grey and red. Green means you’ve had a recent PCR test, and you’re free to visit attractions, shops, restaurants, malls and events in Abu Dhabi at your leisure.

In the past, the Green Pass on the Alhosn app was only attainable for people that were fully vaccinated (including a third, booster shot), but as of March 24, 2022 — everybody can attain the Green Pass regardless of vaccination status. Although the extent of your Covid vaccine cover will dictate how long the Green Pass is active for. More on that below.

How long does the Green Pass last?

As of June 13, 2022, people that have been fully vaccinated (that is — have had both doses of the vaccine, and a booster shot six months after receiving your second dose) — a Green Pass status will be valid for 14 days from a negative PCR test. Previously the figure was 30 days, but the authorities have curtailed the validity window as a precautionary measure in the face of growing case numbers.

Note that your vaccines need to be reflected in the Alhosn app for you to achieve this status.

Those with active, doctor-approved, exemptions will hold a valid Green Pass Status for a period of seven days from a negative PCR test.

People that have recently recovered from Covid — 11 days after receiving a positive test, you’ll receive a Green Pass valid for 30 days. After that a negative PCR test will be required, for a follow up Green Pass window of 30 days.

As of March 24, 2022, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals can get a 48 hour Green Pass with a negative PCR test.

Children under 16 are not required to take PCR tests.

If you’re having issues with your Alhosn app

If you’re experiencing problems with the app, there is a support service — ISTIJABA. You can reach the pandemic knowledge hub by calling 800 1717 within the UAE or (00971) 800 1717 from outside the country.

Visit our troubleshooting guide for more info.

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