Well, well, well…

Preventative practices are the mantra of Maison Santé, a new wellness clinic found in Meyan Mall.

Combining a series of services from physiotherapy to psychology, Chinese medicine, laser IV and more, with a welcoming cafe and supplement store, Maison Santé stands out.

Visitors are made to feel welcome and at home in the bright, modern space and can choose their preferred treatment following a consultation with Dr Maria Alonso.

maison sante

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We were feeling a little stiff (perks of a desk job) and referred to Sandra Serrano for some physio. Sandra has 12 years of experience in Spain and has practised for seven years in Dubai, so she has a wealth of experience behind her. It goes beyond the pushes and pulls of a typical session with Sandra offering helpful tips on how to introduce more movement into your daily routine.

No, not more gym sessions (although we could probably do with some), but small stretches to reset the body and help teach the brain the correct patterns of posture. We also try a spot of laser IV – just like a regular IV drip but instead of fluids into the veins, it’s laser light that flows through the catheter.

Different colours offer different solutions – we have 15 minutes each of red and blue, to improve circulation, boost energy and promote healthy red blood cells, although it’s recommended to have four sessions to feel the full effects.

Want to make an appointment? Contact the team on 04 324 4432 or email info@maisonsante.ae 

Maison Santé, 2nd floor of Meyan Mall, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai, open Sun to Fri 8am to 8pm, closed on Sat, Tel: (0)4 324 4432. maisonsante.ae

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