Here’s a way to stretch those dirhams…

If you’re in charge of shopping for groceries in the household, you would have noticed that you’re paying more than you usually would at the till. Don’t worry, it’s not just you who feels this way.

Carrefour has noticed the increase in the cost of living and in order to help residents, it has announced it will be freezing the prices of 200 everyday essentials until the end of the year.


Owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour is locking the prices of a number of everyday necessities such as pasta, rice, cooking oil, ground coffee and sugar.

According to the hypermarket, the extended price lock ‘underlines Carrefour’s unwavering commitment in delivering value through every experience, helping customers to make their money go further whilst shopping.’

Carrefour has negotiated with a huge range of suppliers in order for shoppers to purchase cupboard essentials, favourite sweet and savoury snacks, and delicious spreads frozen at the lowest possible price.

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What are some of the brands that will have the price lock? The popular household brands include Nutella, Bonne Maman, Heinz, Betty Crocker and Kellogg’s.

Christophe Orcet, Head of Commercial and Operations of Carrefour at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, said, ‘Understanding the economic concerns facing many families around the world, Carrefour remains committed to mitigating the effects of inflation through our various low-pricing strategies.”

He added, ‘With the help of our suppliers, we have been able to secure the prices on more than 200 products, whilst minimising our margins to ensure stabilisation. We hope this gives our customers the assurance of knowing that hundreds of daily necessities will stay at the same great price for months to come.’

You will be able to shop for your grocery items either in-store across the UAE or online at

Images: Carrefour UAE